Home-Grown: The Benefits of Growing Your Own Food

photo of various fruits and vegetables in a basket on top of the tableFreshness is always a primary factor in choosing fruit and vegetables; flavour is another. If you are looking to have a regular supply of fresh, flavoursome produce, consider growing fruit, vegetables and herbs at home. All you need is a suitable patch of land, and soon you can start developing your own garden of greens.

However home-grown food does not only satisfy green fingers nor your taste for freshness; it also helps homeowners in these ways:

Healthy options

The Ministry of Health recommends a daily diet of three servings of vegetables and two servings of fruit. With fresh fruits and vegetables readily available, you can easily incorporate fibre and vitamins into everyday meals.

For example, adding slices of cucumber and lettuce to sandwiches can make lunch breaks more nutritious and filling. Toss whatever home produce you have into a bowl, add dressing, some nuts, feta cheese or dried fruit and you have countless salad recipes.

Controlled Environment

Growing produce at home gives you control over the fertilisers, pesticides and other supplementary nutrients used. Greenhouses provide a controlled environment to protect plants from temperature changes and weather extremes. Experts at Edenlite, a greenhouse supplier, say that the insulation and ventilation mechanism of an enclosed nursery provides a better environment to maximise the yield of your plants.

Increased Grocery Savings

With your own fruit orchard or vegetable garden, your weekly grocery budget will decrease. You can plan your harvest to match the seasons produce, and extend production if you invest in the controlled climate of a greenhouse.

When maintained well, gardens are sustainable; you can use peels and fruit waste as compost, and you can plant seeds for the next crop.

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Growing your own food has been practised for centuries; although the supermarket has replaced the necessity for vegetable gardens, developing green fingers means freshness and flavour are never far away.