Helping Your Retiring Parents Survive Their Move to a New Home

Elderly ParentsRetiree life usually means a whole new different lifestyle. Admittedly, not every transition of this new life will be easy for your parents. One of the more traumatic experiences is transferring to a more senior-friendly house. You may want to be there and support them through this difficult time through these practical pointers.

Organise the Move – Offer to lead and organise their transfer to the new address once they’ve made their choice. Contact friends and family who are interested in helping out. Schedule everything accordingly and contact all necessary services for the move. Give special attention to the truck you will hire. Look for courteous and friendly drivers and carriers since you wouldn’t want your parents upset with rude staff.

Offer Yourself – No matter what troubles or issues you’ve gone through together, they are still your parents and they will appreciate your presence. Make your visits as regular as possible. Even between calls, keep your communication open. An email, a text message, a phone call, or a short chat on your favourite social media site can all make a difference to your elderly parent.

Open Options – There would be a tendency for your parents to put off their move and this can be risky and unsafe, especially if their present house is not senior-friendly. Search for possible properties that would fit their needs and would perk their interest. Submit your suggestions to them and expect a little “opposition”. Do understand and be patient. It is a difficult decision to move when you are that age.

Make sure that you also look after your parents after the move, as this would be a crucial part of their adjustment to retirement. Also, unless they say otherwise, do take over the supervision, sale or upkeep of their former home. They would normally be too occupied fixing up their new home to their liking and they will need time. Be willing to offer them that.

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