Guide to Controlling Dust at a Construction Site

Construction site workerDust control is an important aspect of any construction project because it helps reduce air and water pollution. It likewise helps reduce the risks of developing health problems. A dust control solution should include an effective way of preventing the dust from travelling or staying in the air.

Here are some measures you can take to ensure that you control dust in your construction site:


This is the most commonly used dust control solution in most construction sites. This is attributable to its low cost and excellent results. You can apply water on your construction site at least twice a day or more often, depending on the weather condition. But you should avoid applying excess water to prevent erosion.

Mulch and Vegetation

This method aims to protect the soil from wind and water erosion. When applied well, mulching and vegetation can reduce air pollution by up to 80%. You can use the hydro seeds to control the dust at your construction site. However, it is worth noting that these seeds can attract birds and other animals, depending on the location of your construction site.

Polymer Material

This approach is effective in areas that do not receive high vehicle traffic. First, this polymer is watered before it is applied to the soil. When it dries up, it forms a crust on the surface, preventing any dust from getting airborne. This method is 90% effective at preventing air pollution caused by dust.

Dust can cause respiratory diseases and pollution, especially in the constructions site and the areas around it. Fortunately, taking the necessary measures can help avoid these problems. The next time you have a construction project, be sure to use any or all of these dust control solutions.

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