Going Green: Why You Should Invest in a Solar Franchise Business

A solar panelInvesting in a product that is both accessible and in-demand makes sound business sense. Yet some budding entrepreneurs almost always overlook a resource that we see every day, the sun.

Recently, the solar industry has been making great strides and is poised for great commercial success. All over the world, more and more countries are switching to solar power for their energy and the numbers aren’t dropping anytime soon.

Solar energy is the future, and we encourage you to be there when it all happens. Here’s why you should secure your investments with a solar energy franchise:

An Upward Slope

Solar power bags the top spot in the list of most affordable renewable energy sources in the world. According to a report from National Renewable Energy Laboratories of the US Department of Energy, the price of utility-scale solar has dropped around 30% within a year.

In many areas in the U.S., the average cost per watt-DC is now just over a dollar for fixed-tilted systems. Sourcing from the sun can now be cheaper than the electricity bills charged from coal-fired power plants. This also means your initial investment is relatively smaller compared to other non-renewable energy franchises.

Green is Good

In the U.S., around 68% of energy still comes from fossil fuels. It has been the country’s partner in electricity generation for years, yet it has been doing our planet more harm than good. Power plants produce nitrogen oxide, sulfur oxide, carbon monoxide and other gases that are detrimental to both human health and the environment.

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Unlike conventional energy, solar power produces none of those harmful emissions. It involves a clean, renewable process that uses nothing but the power of the sun to produce the energy you need. It doesn’t pollute the water either, nor does it have any effect on human health. The more panels you sell as a franchisee, the more you help save the planet.

Begin with SuperGreen Solutions

It’s easy to set up a franchise business with SuperGreen Solutions. When you choose to franchise with us, you can enjoy the benefits of mass purchasing power from our wide network of clients. We have staff who are trained to help you understand what you’re getting into while ensuring you get your money’s worth in no time.