‘Gender Gap’: How Men and Women Behave Differently in Stores

Laughing couple carrying shopping bagsIt’s not surprising that men and women shop for groceries differently. What’s lesser known though is the specific ways they differ—and that matters for store owners. If you want to pump up your sales, you have to know what tickles buyers.

Men buy for the ‘now’; women shop for the long-term

Men tend to go for things needed at present or tomorrow. While this encourages repeat visits, this could over time be frustrating and might discourage shopping altogether. What supermarkets are doing differently now is they group related products, say, meat with barbecue sauces, or alcoholic beverages with wine glasses. Consider doing the same, while also inspecting how you could arrange supermarket rack systems better to help men get related products.

Women, on the other hand, prepare a list of items that will be used for the next four to six weeks. This is beneficial for you because this means bulk items will be bought. You could add more products to their cart though by placing small items at the counter, say, chocolates or colourful toothbrushes that will make them buy for their children.

Men are results-oriented; women are experience-oriented

The brain structures of the sexes are designed differently. Men tend to use a large part of the left side of their brain, letting them focus more on the task at hand. They’d go inside the store, get what they need, and check out fast. Women, on the other hand, use both sides of the brain, making them more flexible in their grocery decisions.

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So, to cater better to your male customers, help them with their quick purchase. Make it easy for them to find things by offering better store directions. See if you would need additional checkout counters. When you pull this off, you can expect repeat male customers. For women, appeal to their tendency to buy impulsively by creating a homey atmosphere in your store, say, having herbs they can personally pick from a mini garden.

Men love quick meals; women want healthy

Men tend to fill their carts with easy-to-prepare meals while women tend to hover around fruit and vegetable crates. If you could provide a station where you can demonstrate how to cook a pasta dish in under a minute, that would give better customer service to your male customers (which would, of course, compel them to buy those dish ingredients). For women, give them lots of options for healthy, organic food, so they could stay longer at the store and increase likelihood of more purchases.

Men and women are hardwired and socialised to shop differently. Improve your store then based on your market’s preferences.