Five Reasons Your Car Smells Like Exhaust Fumes

Unhealthy Exhaust FumesExhaust fumes are extremely dangerous and can injure anyone exposed to it. According to, exhaust fumes that come from a combustion process regulates different gases in your vehicle, which causes the smell. These fumes contain carbon monoxide that can destroy your vehicle and make you sick over time.

There are many reasons your vehicle smells like exhaust fumes. Here are some of them.

Burning Car Oil

When the car oil is dirty and contains large amounts of soot and metal shavings, it will begin to smell and burn. When this happens, the engine will produce exhaust fumes from the tailpipe, which will enter your vehicle. Prevent this by regularly changing the engine’s oil or by cleaning the oil filter.

Exhaust Leak

If the exhaust smell is inside your vehicle’s cabin, the exhaust system most likely has a leak. This can develop in the muffler, exhaust pipe, or even in the manifold. As the exhaust leaks into the engine compartment, it will make its way to the vehicle’s vent and inside the cabin.

Failing Heater Core

A broken and leaking heater core produces a burning smell inside your car. When this happens, the heater core’s hose will split and produce dangerous exhaust fumes. Bad seals within the heater core could also lead to this problem. Always check the heater core for leaks, and immediately fix it with an engine sealant.

Failing Catalytic Converter

A failing catalytic converter smells like rotten eggs. During the combustion process, the sulfur found in gasoline turns into hydrogen sulfide, which the failing catalytic converter changes into sulfur dioxide. This results in a strong decaying smell from the exhaust. A catalytic converter is a vital part of your vehicle’s exhaust system. When it begins to fail, take your car to a mechanic for diagnosis and repair.

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Poor Window and Door Seals

Door and window seals degrade over time and when they break, exhaust fumes can leak into your car. This is very dangerous, especially when you drive beyond the normal speed limit. When you start smelling exhaust fumes because of this, inspect and repair your seals immediately.

Exposure to exhaust fumes can cause respiratory problems and lack of oxygen to the brain. When exhaust starts to smell inside your vehicle, have your engine and exhaust system checked immediately. It is better to pay a mechanic than to get sick because of your vehicle’s failure.