FHA, Utah DOT approve West Davis Corridor highway project

Camper trailer on Highway in USAThe proposed West Davis Corridor highway project in Utah inched closer to reality after the Federal Highway Administration (FHA) and the state department of transportation (DOT) approved the plan.

West Davis Corridor will span for 19 miles from Legacy Parkway through Davis and Weber counties. The approval came after the FHA and DOT decided to end a long environmental review process.

Road Plans

The approval represents a win not just for Northern Utah commuters, as construction jobs will also be required for the new corridor. It will also spur a need for industrial supply from online and offline providers. DOT officials expect better mobility in western Davis and Weber counties via the new corridor through 2040.

Work on the road development will begin on 2020. It will include the relocation of 34 houses and use three acres of farm property and some wetland areas. A mitigation plan, however, will require the improvement of other wetlands. The $610 million first phase will open by 2022 if the DOT completes the design and property acquisition by 2018 or 2019.

Population Growth

The project will also help in addressing an expected increase in commuters, due to a higher population in Davis County and Weber County. Residents in Davis County and Weber County will increase by 33% and 66%, respectively, according to the DOT officials. The same regions will record 45% and 75% growth in employment. These trends will create a need for more highway infrastructure.

James Smith, Davis County commission chairman, said that around 40% of the area’s population leave the county when they go to work. By adding a new corridor, it will provide them with other options that will, in turn, be beneficial to the economy, according to Smith.

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The completion of the West Davis Corridor highway will likely be beneficial not just for commuters, but also to businesses and employment.