Factors to Consider in Choosing Kitchen Benchtop Materials

Kitchen Benchtop RenovationWhen renovating a kitchen, your major area of focus is mainly on the bench top. Reason being, this is where the most work in your kitchen will be. This decision will involve evaluation of various material types.

While aesthetics and appearance ride on a majority of homeowners’ decision when selecting a kitchen bench top material, this is not the only point of concern. Other factors, such as cleaning and maintenance, should also weigh into your decision.

With that said, below are various factors to consider when selecting a material for custom-made kitchen benchtops.


A majority of people think about everything else about a kitchen counter top apart from its functionality. Therefore, before selecting, you need to know how often you will be cooking, what type of food you will be cooking, and whether you or the kitchen user is a fastidious cleaner.

All these factors determine how long the bench top will last in good condition. For instance, if you are not keen on wiping and cleaning the kitchen immediately after cooking, do not go for marble counter tops as they are highly porous and they stain easily.

Slab Size

Benchtop materials are available in plenty of thicknesses and sizes, with some being more suitable than others. Unfortunately, when you require too big a slab size, your options will be limited to mostly metal and wood bench tops.

Although you could have the other materials extended, the joints of the slab compromise the aesthetics of your kitchen, as they are unsightly.


Remember that the material’s aesthetics is not only about how the material looks but also about the value it adds to your home by blending in seamlessly with the rest of the home structures.

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While at it, remember no single benchtop is perfect for all applications. Therefore, you need to identify all your kitchen activities and match them up with the most convenient material.