Essential Inspection Aids when Buying a Used Car

Used Cars Parked in LotWhen it comes to purchasing a used vehicle, you will need some research and investigative skills. To help you ascertain if a used car is worthy of professional inspection or buying, make sure to bring the following review aids with you.

An inspection checklist

You need a detailed list of the things you must look for. Your list should include things to check in the vehicle’s exterior, interior and under the bonnet. Regarding the exterior, you need to check for rust, the car’s paint, shock absorbers, tyres, panels, and exhaust.

The interior inspection includes the dashboard, seats and safety belts, and signs of leaks. Under the bonnet, check the engine and radiator


You will need a small light or flashlight to look under the hood. The light can help you notice hidden signs of leaks and corrosion.


Take with you a magnet for detecting hidden bodywork. The magnet will help you find concealed rust repairs. While almost all old vehicles have some rust, consider consulting an auto rust repair expert in Papatoetoe, such as Breen Panelbeaters, on how big a problem the rust you find could be.

An extra pair of eyes

It helps to bring along someone with a bit of vehicle knowledge. If you can, come with an independent mechanic.

A notebook and pen

You may want to take notes and record the car’s identification number, mileage and perhaps the asking price.

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When buying an old car, you need to protect yourself. Come with your inspection aids and take the time you need to examine everything you have to or want to look at. It is also important to understand what you will have to fix, and the cost of such repairs, in determining if you want to buy a used car.