Effective Supermarket Shelving Boosts Product Sales

Organised grocery shelvesWhen you own a business like a grocery or a supermarket, you naturally would want to increase product sales to drive up revenue. If you wonder what makes people spend more, the simple answer could be the shelving style in your store.

Studies have found that how the items in the supermarket shelves are arranged can influence how much customers would spend. Science supports these studies and every supermarket owner should think about shelving carefully if they want revenue to increase.

Planning is Key

If you plan to enter the retail business, neatly shelving goods is one way to influence customers to buy certain products or even brands.

Product placement has a lot to say about how much people would spend and how long they will be staying in the store. You must plan carefully what goes into your supermarket shelves and where to place them.

Fresh produce is almost always the first thing consumers should see from the supermarket entrance. Green vegetables and colourful fruits excite the sense of sight and make people happy. Sometimes, they even spend more than they planned.

Soft music must also come into play. When a slow rhythm is heard, people usually move slower as well, which makes them spend more time scanning the shelves.

The presence of freshly baked goodies or chicken roasting in the oven helps stimulate the sense of smell. People spend more when they feel hungry or smell something delicious.

Designing a good plan for your products spells the difference in your actual sales. Make sure that when you plan your shelving strategy, you are aware of how placement works. One good principle to follow is anything at eye level sells better than the rest. It is also important to note that convenience plays a vital role in the purchase. It is sometimes wise to put chips and other snacks near the ‘drinks’ section.

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When it comes to making your retail business more profitable, you need to arrange your supermarket shelves to make a significant profit in your business.