Forward Friction is a community website that encourages the input, suggestions, and even criticisms of its readers and users seriously. If you have a question regarding one of our car reviews, or our general policies on a specific topic, fill out the contact with the necessary form and our teams will respond as soon as possible. For more information on the information that we gather and what we do with all of it, go to our Privacy Policy page.

Our editorial staff appreciates every piece of feedback they receive, as it’s one of the few ways we can know for sure that people are reading the news, developments, and reviews that we publish everyday. With that said, we’re anticipating more traffic in the coming months and will only entertain serious and properly worded inquiries.

If the editorial teams can’t make heads or tails of the message, we apologize, but we’ll need to disregard it in favour of questions and concerns that we can address immediately. The objective of the website isn’t just to spread the word about the latest automotive technology that makes fast cars, it’s ensuring that people understand what these vehicles are capable of doing.

The editorial staff is also open to story suggestions, as well as collaborations with readers who are in the unique position of having access to information that very few other people can get to. It doesn’t have to be design specifications of the latest F1 engine or anything technical. The story can be a personal anecdote, just as long as it’s in keeping with the interests of Forward Friction’s readership.

For more information on this go to our Write Us page.

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