Common Types of Stillage Cages

Stillage cagesStillage cages are essential for businesses handling and transporting goods. These caging systems ensure that your products are secured when inside your warehouse or even when being delivered to your clients.

Stillage cages come in various types and designs to cater to the different needs of different industries. To help you choose the best one for your business, here are descriptions of the three most common types of stillage cages.

Profile stillage

This is the most commonly used stillage cage worldwide. It allows you to stock your goods easily and ensures that all of them are fully protected. It also allows you to manage space in your store better.


The A-frame type of stillage cage lets you stock goods in an economical manner, such that the bulky and heavy goods are packed at the lower portion of the cage while the lighter ones are put on top. It also has a cross beam strategically placed between its legs to prevent the cage from collapsing.

Trolleys and bogeys

Trolleys and bogeys are mobile stillage cages that you can use when you have to move your goods around your warehouse. They contain durable wheels that can stand the heavy-weight of your products. Using this type of stillage cage makes it easier for businesses to transport goods from warehouse to warehouse or from warehouse to service vehicles. You no longer need to sacrifice any more energy since you only have to push and pull these cages.

Understanding the different kinds of stillage cages available in the market allows you to make an informed decision when you need to buy one. Stillage cages will not only ensure that your goods are secure but also keep your customers happy and satisfied every time they receive your products undamaged.

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