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Australia Proposes Rules to Address Energy Security

The Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) has floated several proposed regulations to address the risks associated with an increased reliance on renewable energy. It remains uncertain at this point whether the rules would affect the supply and price of fuel tankers for

Food Label Requirements Fuel Intense Debate in New Zealand

A proposal to place custom food labels on single-ingredient products such as fruits and vegetables caused an intense debate in New Zealand. The issue stemmed from a bill that would require the certain class of consumables to have labels stating their

Safely Transport Flammable Substances with These Tips

As the population grows, so does the demand for petroleum products. Tanker ferrying the much-needed fuel to various corners of the country is a common sight along the highways. While most tankers, such as a transportable diesel tank, get to their

Questions to Ask Locksmiths Before Changing Locks

If you want to increase home security, there are gadgets in the market today you can invest in. But the simplest way is to hire a reliable locksmith to keep your home secure. But before you hire locksmiths in Auckland, such

The Swiss Difference: What Makes Swiss Machines Better?

Swiss machines work differently. Especially if you have been using lathes before, you can tell the difference. While the description of which works better between the two machines is rather subjective, you may be leaning towards Swiss machines when it comes

This Is How Industrial Companies Benefit from Nitrogen Generators

Nowadays, industrial and manufacturing companies are doing all measures to reduce operational costs while keeping the environment safe. They are finding ways to use components and employ practices that do not compromise their employees’ safety while cutting costs and saving the

3 Smart Ways to Start and Run Your Food Processing Business

Are you passionate about great food? Have you been considering introducing a new food product into the market? The food industry offers exciting opportunities to new and established investors. This could be the best time to start your own food processing

Let Your Building Breathe: Why Ventilation is Important

Many people spend most of the week indoors—inside offices and other commercial work establishments. Therefore, the make of a building greatly affects one’s health. If a building has poor ventilation, many people could suffer from unpleasant health consequences that are generally
Old ship sailing on the sea

Fighting Marine Corrosion with better Quality Manufacturing

Marine corrosion is the degradation of materials at sea. With extreme moisture levels, seawater, waves, and the wind to contend with, it’s not surprising that equipment gets damaged far quicker out on the ocean than on land. As many industries depend

Boost Your Company’s Competitive Edge by Tapping the Benefits of Automation

Changing consumer preferences, increasing competition, and steep production costs are only some of the things manufacturers have to contend with every day. Without corrective actions, these are likely to lower your profit margins and force you out of business. Keeping your