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RIBA Announces Short List of Designs For 2017 RIBA Stirling Prize

Six architectural projects compete to be named the best building in the UK for 2017, according to the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA). For the 22nd year, RIBA will choose one recipient of Stirling Prize based on several criteria, such as design vision,

What to Know When Hiring a Carbon Steel Pipe Supplier

Carbon steel pipes are being used in most of the residential and commercial projects today due to its outstanding properties. These pipes are the best materials for transporting treated or heated water, especially for industrial use. The challenging task, however, is

Healthy Water Storage Tanks for the Food Processing Industry

Industrial water storage tanks are built for versatility and volume. This seems reasonable since most of the industrial grade water use case scenarios that are quite tolerant. Only a few production lines will be upset by not so pure water. Some,

3 Ways to Get the Most From Your Metal Pressing

Metal pressing rides on the principle of economies of scale. It could be the best option for a large production, as you will get more products with the same quality at reduced costs. On top of the forming process, you can enjoy customised

Australia Proposes Rules to Address Energy Security

The Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) has floated several proposed regulations to address the risks associated with an increased reliance on renewable energy. It remains uncertain at this point whether the rules would affect the supply and price of fuel tankers for

Food Label Requirements Fuel Intense Debate in New Zealand

A proposal to place custom food labels on single-ingredient products such as fruits and vegetables caused an intense debate in New Zealand. The issue stemmed from a bill that would require the certain class of consumables to have labels stating their

Safely Transport Flammable Substances with These Tips

As the population grows, so does the demand for petroleum products. Tanker ferrying the much-needed fuel to various corners of the country is a common sight along the highways. While most tankers, such as a transportable diesel tank, get to their

Questions to Ask Locksmiths Before Changing Locks

If you want to increase home security, there are gadgets in the market today you can invest in. But the simplest way is to hire a reliable locksmith to keep your home secure. But before you hire locksmiths in Auckland, such

The Swiss Difference: What Makes Swiss Machines Better?

Swiss machines work differently. Especially if you have been using lathes before, you can tell the difference. While the description of which works better between the two machines is rather subjective, you may be leaning towards Swiss machines when it comes

This Is How Industrial Companies Benefit from Nitrogen Generators

Nowadays, industrial and manufacturing companies are doing all measures to reduce operational costs while keeping the environment safe. They are finding ways to use components and employ practices that do not compromise their employees’ safety while cutting costs and saving the