Calm Before the Storm: Storm Prep Tips on Preventing Boat Damage

Boat being coveredBoats are a valuable investment, not just in the financial sense, but in the intangible: allowing you to enjoy leisure time with family and relax in the comfort of nature. As such, it makes perfect sense to protect it and keep it from damage.

As many long-time boat owners would attest, the most serious injuries boats often bear is those from extreme weather conditions. Storms, to be specific. Consider these storm preparation tips to keep your boats protected from storms:

Move it out of the water

The safest way you can protect your boat is to haul it out of the water. This reduces the risk of damage from contact with unsecured boats or the dock. Make sure that you do this as soon as possible to take advantage of the not-so-crowded boat ramps.

If you’re expecting a more intense storm though, you might want to move it a little further offshore where you’re permitted to leave the boat. Remember to use boat covers as well. There are custom boat covers for sale you can avail and use to keep rainwater from collecting inside.

Secure the boat

If it’s not possible for the boat to be hauled out of the water, find a better location where to dock or moor. Then, make sure that all lines are in perfect condition and double them up. Don’t forget to check the cleats and dock conditions where they are to be fixed.

Reduce chafing damage by having some extra chafe guards in lines that may hit rugged, sharp objects. It’s also best to get additional fenders for the hull. Take out as many items as you can from the boat deck.

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For those you can’t remove, secure them so they won’t move during the storm. The weight of the boat should be evenly distributed also, as much as possible.

Get boat insurance

Consider buying boat insurance. It should cover use and storage, some including damage from weather conditions. Do note though that boat insurance has rigid restrictions. Some plans, however, only cover specific weather scenarios.

Boats come with a hefty price tag, but boats damaged from storms are a money pit. Protect your boat by considering these tips.