Buick Beats Honda in Reliability Reports

Vintage Buick RoadmasterIn 2016, Buick was ranked third in two prominent automotive reliability surveys with one of its models predicted to be the most dependable purchase for 2017. This limited luxury brand overtook 300 other car models with 16 years of winning data.

For many car owners, the reliability survey showed which cars to purchase if they want something new or even second-hand. The survey showed that Buick is one of the more reliable car models for second-hand purchases. Car dealerships like Fletch’s GMC Buick Audi in Petoskey, Michigan, say that many car owners often look for qualities such as safety and engine reliability when it comes to purchasing new or used vehicles.

In October last year, the Consumer Reports’ 2016 Annual Brand Reliability Survey ranked Buick the third most reliable car brand in the market. It became the first domestic brand to enter the top three in more than 35 years. The luxury brand had been flying high on the charts since 2016, snatching third place in the J. D. Power 2016 Vehicle Dependability Study earlier in the year.

Where’s Honda?

Surprisingly, the popular Honda Civic was ranked “much-worse-than-average”. It has been struggling with power equipment issues and a problematic infotainment system. Honda used to upgrade the Civic every five years. However, the most recent model was a total revamp, and when things are brand new, there are usually a lot of bugs to crush. Most Buicks have evolved from the same platform, so a lot of its problems have been smoothed out.

The best for over 16 years

The magazine had also made an upgrade. It now looks at vehicle data for over 16 years instead of 10. Even then, Buick sits comfortably as the head of the General Motors’ pack. Focussing on fewer models and having a more mature product line has paid off. Other domestic brands like Cadillac have been brought down by its sports-utility vehicle models.

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Verano, the 2017 favourite

Consumers will decide and not regret their car purchases. To achieve this, it studied 17 problem areas bugging owners in the last 12 months, with data amassed from more than 500,000 vehicles encompassing over 300 models. Based on the results of Consumer Report, it predicted the 2016 Buick Verano as the 2017 model of choice in reliability.

So if you’re looking for used cars in Petoskey, Michigan, look for shops that offer Buick models. These cars will last the test of time.