Bathroom Safety for Seniors / Keeping your Bathroom Safe for Seniors

An elderly couple in the bathroomWhere Accidents Happen

Dallas has a growing senior population, and two of the issues that concern the elderly are safety and independence. Safety in the bathroom is a very serious concern, especially if you are a senior or if you have an older relative living in the house. The bathroom can be an unsafe place where you can easily slip and get injured. Seniors use the bathroom more frequently, so the risk of accidents is higher for them.

Minimizing the Risk of Accidents

In Dallas, one of the ways people ensure safety is by installing grab bars from companies like DFW Grab Bars. Grab bars are ideal for seniors and people with mobility issues in that they maintain a sense of independence. Grab bars on the walls, especially near the toilet seat, can prevent many accidents for seniors with hampered mobility. It also decreases the strain on the knees and back from sitting down and getting up. Clutter and rugs should be removed since they can cause people to slip. If the bathroom has things that seniors have to step over, it’s good to have safety grab bars. Another good option is walk-in tubs. You don’t have to step over a slippery bathtub, and you can comfortably sit while taking a bath or a shower. The risk of slipping and drowning is reduced to almost zero since you have your feet on the ground at all times.

Independence and Safety

Being able to go to the bathroom on your own is a matter that most people take for granted, but it is a serious matter for seniors. Independence and safety should go hand in hand, but we must not sacrifice one for the other. If you can make little changes in your bathroom to extend that independence for as long as possible, that is already a big step.

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