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Construction in Victoria

Build-To-Rent Gains Traction In Victoria With 1st Project In Melbourne

Construction prices in Victoria may change now that the state government considers its first build-to-rent project in Melbourne, as the city plays catch up with the growing sector elsewhere in the country. Developers would need to start keeping an eye on
photo of business people having a meeting

How Marketers an Make the Most of Traditional Advertising Methods

Marketing is among the core business areas that you should invest in. Sometimes, the budget can be so meager that getting things done may seem impossible. An integrated marketing communications approach is one of the best ways to reach customers, but

Why Cornhole Might Be the Next Big Spectator Sport

It’s like horseshoes, but with a bag full of corn. Cornhole has been called many names – bean bag, sack toss, and baggo. The sport started as a pastime lawn game, but no one is certain where the game really began.

Visual Merchandising: Attracting Customers Into Retail Stores

Buying things online offers great convenience for consumers, especially if they don’t have time to go to the mall. Going online doesn’t require them to wait in line to pay for what they’re buying and they get their goods shipped to
safety is job number 1 signage

How Roadwork Safety in Australia Works

Road maintenance and repair is a standard procedure for the safety and mobility of all road users. However, the process of building better and safer roads can be dangerous. Studies show that crash rates increase during roadworks in comparison with pre-work periods.
Contractors at a construction site

Important Concrete Construction Equipment and Tools Every Contractor Should Have

Concrete projects cannot be taken for granted, which means that having the right concrete construction equipment and tools can make a huge difference between a successful outcome and a possible disaster. While there are basic tools that do not require extremely
White fabric shelter on white background

Choosing the Right Fabric for Your Structure

Fabric shelter systems have become common across the country recently. These have a metal structure and fabric that serves as the structure cover. The choice of your fabric is as essential as the strength of the structure. But how do you choose

Types of Mezzanine Systems for Storage Purposes

The storage system is an essential part of any warehouse for the storage of goods before disbursement. Whenever there are many goods coming into the warehouse and few leaving the warehouse, a storage system is critical for storage of the excess

Here’s How Gardening Lowers Depression Risk

At a glance, it seems simple how gardening helps reduce the risk of depression. Seeing pretty plants and colourful blooms can indeed lift one’s mood. But there’s more to this than meets the eye. When you look at different studies, you’ll

What Kiwis Should Be Sowing in Their Greenhouses This Spring

It is the middle of spring in New Zealand, but home-owners could still make the most of the remaining weeks for sowing the right type of fresh produce. If you want to build an aluminium-frame glass house, Edenlite suggests you think