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Owner of a manufacturing company

Here’s How the Manufacturing Industry Is Going Green

The manufacturing industry has always been in the spotlight whenever talks of being eco-friendly come up. Some still blame this industry to be the major source of harmful chemicals flushed down seas and rivers, destroying marine life. Over the past years,
A fire alarm

Which Fire Sprinkler System is Best for Your Building?

A building needs to be safe enough for people to live or conduct their businesses. This means it has to pass the strict standards of the Building Code of Australia (BCA). Among the important matters that the BCA addresses is a building’s fire
Pile of industrial pipes

The Stainless Steel Press Fit Advantage: Why Press Fittings?

Installation of piped systems is necessary for the safe delivery of many items, from hot water to gas and many others – for industrial, commercial and residential buildings. As the number of new construction and renovation projects in Australia continues to increase, so

New Welding Technologies forf Welding Pros

The welding industry is on a quest to recruit more welding operators and retain those who are currently in the business to meet growing demands. The leading solutions come in the form of new equipment and technologies with improved functions and

Global Agricultural Sector Production Expected To Ramp Up In the Years to Come

The agricultural sector is expected to boom in the coming years, a reason why many farmers are expected to increase investment in equipment. In Australia, the costs involved are a concern for many farmers, who want to know the rates of

Victoria Ranks as the Most Expensive State for Home Construction in 2017

Home builders in Victoria paid more to construct residential properties in 2017 more than their counterparts elsewhere in Australia, according to Cordell House Index Price (CHIP) report. This likely made it more attractive for property developers to launch projects in other
a happy fisherman

Tips on Becoming a Saltwater Fishing Pro

Saltwater fishing is always an adventure. You sail out and try to catch a prize fish fit for display or at least a meal. For those who would like to try, here are some tips to follow to help you fish

Canada Sets $1.25B Budget for Affordable Rental Housing

Canada plans to increase the supply of affordable rental housing properties by planning to spend $1.25 billion in the next three years. The investment means that home builders will need more construction equipment and products, including steel fabrication work. In Edmonton,

Agricultural and Farm Equipment Safety Basics

Farming usually involves the use of heavy and dangerous equipment. Tractors, harrows, hay rakes, speed tillers, and so much more can easily cause accidents when not used correctly. The best way to learn how to use the equipment properly is to
Inside a warehouse

4 Top Tips to Choosing the Best Pallets for Your Warehouse

When you operate a manufacturing or shipping business, then the subject of pallets is bound to come up sooner rather than later. Companies use pallets for the storage and shipment of merchandise. Given that pallets come in so many varieties, it’s