Add Flair to Your Interior with Cavity Sliding Doors

Glass sliding doorsDoors are one of the most important facets of home architecture. They are one of the top additions every homeowner should carefully consider during a renovation project. When it comes to durability, user-friendliness, and stylish design, cavity sliding doors are becoming one of the most popular options. Here’s how this unique door solution can add class to your interior.

How cavity sliders work

For those who want something unique in their homes, remodelling design experts from Altro recommend going for a cavity sliding door instead of the classic swinging type. Compared with traditional doors, sliders are set on a horizontal top rail and are free of hinges. To open or close, simply glide the panel of the door using the handle. The panel will then rest inside the narrow cavity within the wall.


One of the biggest benefits that you can get from installing a cavity sliding door is its space-saving feature. On average, it frees up to 10 square feet of space compared to hinged doors. It makes for a perfect boundary between the living room and the hallway, or the bedroom from the bathroom. Cavity gliders also reduce the risk of home accidents because the panels can stay hidden in the wall. It is known to be an ideal option for those who have children running around in the area.

Another positive aspect of these doors is that they provide a sleek and modern look. You can even choose glass panels to match with your contemporary architecture. They also require little to no upkeep, making them ideal for busy homeowners. When it comes to installation, professionals can easily do the job.

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Cavity sliding doors are exceptionally beautiful and highly functional. For homeowners looking to remodel this year, consider this option. It can definitely add flair to your home.