Achieve a smile makeover with cosmetic dentistry in Barnsley

Whitened ToothEveryone wants the confidence provided by a bright, beautiful smile. However, not everyone is born with perfect teeth. More than often, teeth tend to get stained, crooked and weak. Luckily, cosmetic dentistry can fix many dental problems and restore oral health.

Apart from their regular dental preventive services, many dental practices offer cosmetic dentistry in Barnsley. PDC Dental is one of them. Cosmetic treatments target specific problems related to the aesthetics of a patient’s smile and range from tooth whitening and veneers to crowns and white fillings. Patients can take advantage of these treatments separately or in combination for a complete smile makeover with lasting results.

Tooth whitening

Tooth whitening is perhaps the most popular cosmetic dentistry treatment available, since it is quick, cost-effective and offers great results. Patients who wish to brighten their teeth by several shades and improve the quality of their smiles, can choose between power whitening at the dental practice, and home whitening with the help of specialised, custom-made bleaching trays. Both methods are tested and offer noticeable results.


Another popular cosmetic dentistry treatment, veneers are quite versatile. These thin porcelain shells are attached to the front of the teeth with the help of a special adhesive. They can be adjusted to match the colour of the patient’s natural teeth and they are ideal for concealing many dental problems such as chipped, cracked, broken, misaligned, misshapen or stained teeth.

Dental crowns

Unlike veneers, crowns actually cover the entire tooth and act as protective caps against bacteria and other factors that may compromise the tooth enamel. Moreover, since they are made of durable porcelain, crowns restore the strength of the tooth and provide a natural appearance.

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White fillings

In recent years, white fillings (also known as composite fillings) have gained popularity over amalgam fillings, since they are more natural-looking and easier to install on the teeth. White fillings are made of tooth-coloured composite and are used extensively in cosmetic dentistry in Barnsley due to the natural result they offer. White fillings are surprisingly durable and diffuse the pressure created by chewing and biting evenly on the surface of the tooth.