Forward Friction is an online automotive magazine built for the passionate car fans who know what’s really important in the automotive industry – speed. Everything on this site is all about horsepower, torque, and rpms. We focus on the things that get any Gearhead’s blood and adrenaline pumping. We satisfy their need for the latest in technology, news, and developments on anything and everything with a running speed over 140 mph.

Races, land speed records, and really fast cars are our bread and butter, but we don’t just chase after hot rods and supercars just to gush over them. We give our readers the gritty details of everything that pushes their favorite machines over the limits of what was previously thought possible. Our staff will dive into the bowels of every machine to give you the facts of how these systems work.

We don’t just look at the engines of really fast cars, either; we cover every inch of the vehicle as even the smallest and most inconspicuous part has a significant effect on the overall performance. Our writers will take a car apart with a fine tooth comb and dissect what gives it an edge over the competition.

As many people can imagine, this is labour-intensive work, and in the fast world we live in, it’s incredibly easy for something cool to pass us by while we’re working on something else. This is why Forward Friction is opening its doors to let more people come in and catch the things we might miss. For more information on that, go to our Write Us and Contact Us pages.