5 Simple Ways to Improve Efficiency in Warehouse Workflow

Warehouse storageBefore the end of the fiscal year, executives and managers would once again sit down to evaluate the performance of their business. Many will predictably focus on putting more budgets in the sales and marketing buckets. However, if you are dealing with cases of excess, damaged, or disorganised inventory, it might be about time that you focus on improving your warehouse. Here’s how.

Prioritise safety

If you want your stocks to be handled well, you need to make sure first that the people managing the inventory are safe and well equipped. Remove any hazard that can cause accidents like slips, falls or fires. Make sure also that the employees are properly dressed and wearing necessary safety gears.

Utilise an effective storage system

To make sure that items remain in tiptop condition, you need to have effective storage shelving systems. They should be organised, categorised, and labelled properly. The shelving units must be sturdy and regularly cleaned.

Keep the floor space uncluttered

The most usual accidents in the warehouse are trips and falls. The floor space where people go around taking out and bringing in stocks must be cleared all the time.

Have proper lighting and temperature

These two areas are some of the most basic factors that businesses tend to overlook. Check your lighting and change them if necessary. Make sure that the temperature does not damage the items as well.

Use technology for inventory control

Once you have improved the condition of your warehouse—from safety to cleanliness and organisation to lighting and temperature—you can add another item in the mix, which is technology. The use of technology in the storeroom increases efficiency and reduces error.

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There are many other areas of warehouse management such as understanding and analysing movement of stocks. But before you work on those, you need to make sure first that your warehouse is in a good working environment.