5 Best Practices for Construction Site Management

A smiling site project managerBeing a site project manager may be one of the most complicated jobs in the industry. To keep on top of things on site, you have to manage material deliveries, engineers, concrete pours, comply with building regulations and health and safety rules, all whilst keeping to schedule. Then find time to deal with emails and attend meetings. So, whether it’s just following up on a delivery of stainless steel bolts and screw fasteners or rounding up the workforce for a meeting, here are five tips to help your workload.

1. Your people skills are as important as your technical skills.

No matter how knowledgeable you are in your industry, if you don’t know how to communicate properly with your team, client, and suppliers, your knowledge is wasted.

2. Project risk assessments must be done.

Before your project starts, conduct a thorough risk assessment so you can reduce or eliminate future problems, and the costs associated with them.

3. Make sure you and your team keep up with technology.

There’s a lot of software out there that can make your job easier. Staying on top of the latest technology helps improve output and accuracy.

4. Communicate bad news as soon as solutions are identified.

Something always crops up that requires immediate attention. Breakdowns or missed deadlines are good examples of bad news. Disseminate this to your staff with at least one suggestion to overcome the problem ‒ and be open to other suggestions.

5. Maintain an environment of trust and open communication.

Everyone should feel comfortable to ask you questions at any time and expect an honest answer. This will encourage your team to trust you and your decisions.

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Keeping a clear head and being organised is the key to successfully managing any construction project. Construction sites are complex projects, and these tips won’t make them run like clockwork. However, they may help you to deal with issues when they arise.