4 Tips to Make Your Product More Brandable

The puzzle of marketingWhen clients make a purchase, they don’t only consider the product, but also takes a look at the whole package. This is why you should take steps into covering all bases and give your brand that additional “oomph” in the market.

Improve the Packaging

Invest in a wrap-around cartoning machine to package your products in the most appealing and protective manner. A cartoner lets you set up a packaging that’s perfect for your item, and it lets you customise the package so your brand name is all over the place.

Science-Up your Logo

Don’t simply make a logo that appeals to you. Choose one that appeals to your audience and makes good use of science to jazz it up. For example, red colours work best for food businesses while tech companies often use blue because it inspires trust. Find out what colour works best for your particular line and incorporate it into a logo that pops out. This way, you can make a huge impact on your clients.

Put Extra Care on Your Influencers

The people who will take that first risk with your product are your influencers — the people who have the ability to make your brand big, like a blogger or a brand ambassador. Make sure that you make a huge impact on them, so that they’ll be more than happy to talk about ‘you’ to their followers. Your reputation is essentially your brand and it helps to get praises from people others trust.

Be More than Just a Brand

Don’t limit your brand to the logo or product. Add personality to your packaging so people can easily relate to it. For example, ‘Who are the target clients of your product?’ Based on those potential customers, what kind of people will they relate best to? That relatable person, savvy, tetchy, mouthy, or suave is your brand.

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Do you want to make a success out of your business? Try doing some of the tips mentioned here and see your brand name soar.