4 Tips to Lessen Office Utility Expenses

file containing utility billsA considerable chunk of a typical company’s monthly office expenses is used up for the utilities. The electricity, water, and air conditioning expenses are used to make the office as comfortable and liveable enough for the employees and clients. But these expenses must be minimised as much as possible without affecting the operations in the office. Here are four tips that can help reduce your office’s utility expenses:

Use rainwater for toilets

Rainwater is safe for use as long as you do not drink it. In the context of the office, rainwater would be an appropriate substitute to clean water for some functions. This can include the cleaning of windows, but more importantly, rainwater can be used as the water for flushing toilets. This is especially perfect for areas that have a high level of rain all throughout the year. Purchase rainwater tanks from companies like Rapid Plas where you can store water, and you can already have reduced water bill in the next few months.

Implement an energy use plan

The office administration must have a set of guidelines that they impose on employees using the facilities. For example, you need to make sure that the HVAC unit is turned on only for certain periods of time in a day. Unplugging appliances and devices that are not in use is also a must. Small steps like these can do a lot in reducing the bills.

Insulate the office

Proper insulation is essential in ensuring that the heating and cooling costs are not too high.

Limit printing

Printing, especially in bulk, has a lot of impact on the energy consumption. Print only when needed.

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By decreasing the money spent on utilities, the company has a bigger chance of being profitable. The money saved can be used instead in other parts of the operations.