4 Secrets to Make Towing as Easy as Possible

Car TowingTowing is easiest when you get professional service. If you are doing it yourself, it can become easy as well if you clearly know the dos and don’ts. Many car owners do tend to get nervous every time they have to tow something, a trailer maybe or even a camper or another vehicle that has stalled on the road. While some car owners think of towing as a simple hook and pull kind of deal, it simply is not so. 

Nonetheless, here are some tips from Ready Towing to make the art of towing as easy as can be.

Understand Your Vehicle’s Weight Capacities

One of the most often overlooked aspects of towing is understanding the towing limits of your vehicle. As a general rule if the owner’s manual says you can’t tow a particular vehicle or trailer simply because it is well beyond your vehicle’s capacity, then you should forget it. Nothing can be easier than that. So it will always be a great idea to understand your vehicle’s gross vehicle weight rating as well as its combined weight rating. Everything is written in black and white in your owner’s manual. Read it.

Check Your Vehicle’s Important Components

There are two other things you have to check aside from your vehicle’s weights – its tires and its brake system. You have to understand that with the added weight of your vehicle, stopping will be considerably more difficult. An underinflated tire will also make driving a lot more difficult. You simply do not want that to happen if ease of towing is what you are after.

Secure Your Towed Vehicle or Trailer

Do not rely so much on the ball and hitch mechanism to secure your towed vehicle. You will still need to secure these with chains in a cross formation. Make sure that the trailer wiring harness is connected properly. Remember, if the towed vehicle or trailer is not secured properly, it will be swaying from side to side when you are driving making it more difficult to drive and tow.

Drive Safely

It goes without saying that you need to drive more defensively this time. Because your rear view mirror will be obscured by your towed vehicle, you will have to hone your skills on using the side view mirror especially when passing or even turning. Additionally, don’t feel like being an F1 or a NASCAR driver by this time. High speeds can make your towed trailer or vehicle more unstable and hence more difficult to control.

Towing is easy if you know what to do. Remembering these four tips will hopefully make your towing tasks a lot easier.