4 Reasons to Make Sure Your Welding Contractor Has Insurance

Man weldingWhen looking for a welding contractor in Edmonton, you’ll most likely have a list of qualifications they must meet before you can hire them. One of those qualifications is that they must have insurance. But, why is it so important to work only with insured contractors?

Here are four top reasons.

Workers can get injured in the course of the project

The safety of people in the construction site is, of course, the most important factor in the course of a project. Unfortunately, accidents do happen, and it’s crucial to be ready for the worst-case scenario.

Should a worker suffer injury while working, you want to be sure that the contractor will take care of their medical expenses, not you.

Your property can suffer damage during the project

When the welder is working in your home or office, there is always the possibility he or she could damage some things inside during the course of the project. Obviously, you don’t want to incur additional expenses, so make sure that your contractor can cover such damages.

If their policy only covers workers’ injuries, then look for someone else.

Projects get delayed

While you should always work with professionals that have a proven track record of completing projects on time, there’s always the possibility the project could go through delays. Unforeseen factors are often to blame for this. Unfortunately, extended deadlines can prove costly to you.

But if the contractor has a policy that accommodates schedule delays, then you can rest easy.

An insured company is a professional company

A professional welding company knows that it owes its workers and clients to have insurance. If a contractor goes out of their way to get a cover for their business, it reflects well on their character. You cannot say the same, however, for an uninsured business.

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As a client, you have the responsibility to make sure that your welding contractor is the best fit for your project. Unless a contractor can prove that they’re insured, working with them is an unnecessary risk.