4 Genius Décor Ideas for Tight Spaces

Sliding doorOne thing with your house is that you can always do with more space. Many times, you must do with a limited living area, and that can feel like a big inconvenience. Unless, of course, you creatively employ sleight of hand to come up with more space where there didn’t seem to be any left. Why not try these awesome ideas?

Go for cavity doors

Doors form a major part of your internal space, yet they can also take up space that you want to conserve when you live in a smaller house. Traditional doors require space to swing open. A genius solution is to use internal cavity doors with cavity sliders that smoothly slide open without taking up more space in your house. They’re also quite elegant, which is good for your home’s appearance.

Arrange the house into zones

In case you live in a single room, then you can try to arrange everything according to how you use the space. Establish a space for eating, an area for resting, a place for working, and so on. Simply place curtains or your furniture strategically to evoke separate rooms.

Go for multipurpose pieces

When you live in a small house, you just can’t afford to have all the pieces of furniture you’d have loved as there’s not enough space for it. A great idea is to buy items that can serve more than one purpose. How about a desk that can double as a desk, or a comfy sofa that can also function as a guest bed?

Buy fewer furnishings

Ultimately, you want to make the room feel spacious, which is difficult to do if there’s too much stuff inside it. Try buying only what you need so the room doesn’t feel overcrowded. Whenever possible, buy one large item instead of a mishmash of smaller ones.

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Your house doesn’t have to feel like a cell, no matter how small its size. By using a few ideas creatively, you can make it seem more comfortable and spacious.