4 Decorative Accents That Will Take Your Interiors a Notch Higher

A modern home interior designWhen it comes to your home’s interior décor, it’s often the little things that make the biggest impact. Now that you’ve got the furniture taken care of, the paint job on point, and the artwork sorted, it’s time to take a look at what other accents can improve your indoors’ visual appeal. Consider these tips.


Decorative door moldings are fast becoming popular among homeowners in Brampton. Just ask Miskas Wood Products. Moldings have the immediate impact of adding charm and character to your indoor space. Whether your doors are made of wood, metal, or some other material, you can always find the perfect type of moldings to add a touch of elegance. The key, of course, is to find a skilled interior design expert to fit them.

Ceramic Vases

There’s something about ceramic that continues to attract homeowners interest when decorating their indoor spaces. Ceramic vases and jars are authentic, beautiful, and impressively durable. And they do come in different designs and shapes, showcasing timeless works of art. The jars can be used to hold flowers or grow plants indoors.

Statement Rugs

A statement rug, just like an exquisite work of art, immediately captures the attention of your guests. You could go for bold colors that have eye-catching patterns or opt for a more laid back shag rugs that assert themselves while not being too overbearing. Determine if one rug is enough for the room or you want to layer a smaller rug with a larger one.

Layers of Lighting

Creatively use lighting to add a dramatic effect to your indoor space. For instance, you could opt for a lit backsplash and highlight your artwork with more light. Then you could add light fixtures to your cabinets. This creates variety and intrigue. The idea is to avoid using a central light fixture for all these purposes.

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You need not run out of ideas when looking to enhance your indoor living space. Even if you feel you’ve already done much in terms of making it inviting, there’s always something you do to make it even more enchanting.