3 Ways to Get the Most From Your Metal Pressing

Metals piled up on the floorMetal pressing rides on the principle of economies of scale. It could be the best option for a large production, as you will get more products with the same quality at reduced costs. On top of the forming process, you can enjoy customised services, such as riveting, welding and other assembly processes, including fastening and nut insertion.

There are still more reasons to go for metal pressings in West Midlands or anywhere you live. Here are some of them:

Enhanced Repeatability

Long runs are only possible to achieve with continuous material feed in the process of progressive pressing. It takes a shorter period to produce as many parts when you keep the change of materials and tooling adjustments to a minimum. The tooling dye designs are of the best quality; therefore, eliminating the risks of degradation.


Whilst how fast you can complete a metal pressing process depends on the feed rate of stock into the various die stations, you can enhance the speed of productions by adding as many parts as possible to one tool. This way, you can increase your output and take the shortest time to produce.

Reduced Wastage of Materials

Progressive pressing involves punching, bending, coining and many other ways of dealing with a metal that by the time the end product is ready, there is little to no scrap metal that goes to waste. This makes pressing cost-effective with increased output. The set-up time for metal pressing is shorter than that of traditional fabrication and machining.

You can perform progressive pressing in a single operation. This makes it one of the best metalworking processes. Whenever you are shopping for metal pressing services, it is advisable to do enough research to find a reputable provider who can help you get the most out of this process.

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