3 Pallet Racking Styles You Must Seriously Consider for Your Warehouse

Pallet Racking in YatalaThe rise of online stores increased the demand for warehouse storage space to store the goods before they are shipped out. If you own a warehouse business, then you might want to consider these solutions.

Warehouse operators are always on the lookout for new pallet racking systems to increase the efficiency of their storage and also to free up more space. With the increasing need of warehouses to have more effective storage system, designers have come up with a variety of pallet racking styles intended to address this requirement. So what are the three most efficient pallet racking styles that you might want to install in your warehouse?

Pushback and Pallet Flow Style

This pallet racking style is typical in warehouses where the first-in, first-out system of storage is observed. Cold storage warehouses where perishable items are stored hugely benefit from this system because it allows personnel to retrieve first the goods before they get spoiled. The manner of storing goods is simple. A forklift places pallets on nested carts which rides on rails inclined at an angle. When the forklift places a new load on the rack, it pushes back the pallet on the front, thereby exposing an empty cart where the new pallet can be placed.

The Drive-in and Drive-Through Style

The configuration and design of this pallet racking system are similar to that of the pushback style, except that the process is reversed. The process observed using this pallet racking style is last-in, first-out. This is best for goods that do not require instant access and have longer life when stored.

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The Benefit of This Pallet Racking Style

According to a whitepaper published on the Griffith University website, drive-in and drive-through style racks require little floor space. This is because pallets are stored one after another without any space to spare between the pallets. This configuration frees up so much space that you can store 75% more pallets compared to regular racking style.

Selective Rack Style

A widely used pallet racking style, it allows warehouse personnel to access any pallet they desire. This is perhaps why most warehouse operators prefer this kind of pallet racking installation. If you prefer this racking style, you must ensure that it conforms to the code of practice and standards established by the Australian Steel Institute. If your warehouse stores fast-moving products, then this pallet racking style is your best option.

Depending on the type of goods you store in your warehouse, any of these pallet racking styles can be right for you. If you store perishable items, then the pushback style would be a perfect fit. On the other hand, if you store goods like automobile spare parts, then drive-in style may be the one you need. But if you want storage system that allows you choose what pallet to retrieve, then you might want to consider the selective rack style.