3 Marks of a Great Stainless Steel Bolts and Nuts Supplier

Metal integration through bolts and nutsBolts and nuts are the little giants of the construction industry. Without them, fastening various types of construction components in a secure, safe and industry-compliant way would be impossible. As part of an inseparable tandem, the nut always comes with a bolt perfectly sized for its threaded hole.

Build and Bolt-In

Timberfix.com.au agrees that Australia’s infrastructure industry is booming. Construction spending in New South Wales alone is expected to reach a whopping AUD73 billion by 2020 in a bid to solve congestion and traffic, as well as improve the delivery of essential services. The humble duo of bolts and nuts will surely be in steady demand.

Best Bolt and Nut Suppliers

For business and individual buyers, not just any construction material supplier will do when it comes to fastener materials. Look for these three qualities before you make a purchase:

  1. Industry compliant – Their inventory passed the standards of Australia’s steel manufacturing industry in quality, construction (such as corrosion protection through hot-dip galvanising), durability (tolerance-tested) and design (finish). Certificate of Compliance should be provided by stainless steel bolts and nuts suppliers.
  2. Large inventory – There are various types of nuts and bolts depending on the use (hex bolts, machine screws, socket head, carriage bolts, lag bolts and sheet metal, among others). For stainless steel, there are various grades (such as 302 for general purpose, 303 for sulphur content, 304 for low carbon and high chromium and 309 for high nickel and chromium). The supplier must be able to carry a wide range of nuts and bolts to fulfil your project requirements.
  3. Fast, reliable and on-time delivery – Experts emphasise how time is important when it comes to the construction industry, where the budget is based on project duration. Companies cannot afford to miss a day waiting for materials delivery when the crew, machinery and site maintenance are costing them by the hour.
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Time is gold and if the nuts and bolts supplier strives to offer next-day delivery on-site, it’s a keeper. Go find a reliable supplier of fasteners and other construction materials today.