3 Common Warehouse Problems That You Can Solve Today

Moving Stock in WarehouseMost problems that warehouses face are similar in nature. Some of these problems, while urgent, do not get the attention due to them. Perhaps that is because warehouse managers assume that solving these issues would take up more time and resources than they are prepared to spend at the moment.

Interestingly, these issues are quite easy to solve. Here are three common challenges you can solve in your warehouse today.

1. Space Shortage

As your business grows, one of the biggest challenges you must contend with is shortage space in your warehouse. Inventory expands, more people work in the warehouse, and things start to slow down.

A quick solution to this problem is by rethinking your shelving. For example, many warehouses have found that by adopting pallet stillages, their warehouses can handle bigger inventories.

2. High Elevation

In some warehouses, workers are required to put themselves in situations that are highly elevated. The absence of a stable, portable platform compromises the safety of these employees.

You can invest in an articulating boom lift that your workers can control from atop the lift. If you deal with heavy merchandise, then consider a scissor lift. It is a small investment compared with having to deal with injuries and accidents.

3. Labor Intensity

You will certainly need personnel in your warehouse, but if a large number of them are required for moving items from one point to another, it is time to take action.

How about investing in a conveying system to move goods throughout the facility? Such technology sure does take capital to install, but in the long run, you will save significantly in terms of time and money.

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One of your biggest responsibilities as a warehouse manager is to find solutions whenever you encounter problems in your facility. Once you have implemented lasting solutions to these problems, you can get your operations at maximum efficiency.