3 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Storing Water

Water storage behind a house

The importance of water cannot be underestimated. On that note, you know you can survive for approximately one month without food, but not a week without water.

As such, you need to store water the right way. Here are water storage mistakes that you should avoid:

Using the wrong storage containers

Getting the wrong storage containers can lead to possible health hazards or even render the water going bad. For instance, always avoid using containers that are used for storing other foods or fluids in your house. These containers may have deposits and remainders of these foods, which may promote bacterial growth. In that case, get poly containers that are suitable for your water storage needs and ones that will store your water safely.

Not saving enough water

Whilst it is recommended that you store one gallon per person per day. But if you consider other water demanding activities in your home, this water will not be enough. For instance, you need water for sanitation, cooking, drinking and personal hygiene. In addition, young children, nursing mothers and pregnant women need more water. You may use slimline rainwater tanks to store more water for daily use.

Storing unsafe water

Ensure that all of your stored water is safe and that the source is also safe. If you are harvesting rainwater or getting it from a well, you need to ensure that it is always treated before storing it. This will make sure that your family and pets will consume clean water without the dangers of infections and diseases.

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Do not wait for a water disaster to strike before you invest in a good rainwater storage tank. You will have minimal time and source of water during and after the disaster. Even if you get the water, you will have no assurance of its safety for consumption. Start storing clean and safe water today.