3 Awesome Reasons to Launch a Computer Repair Business

A computer being repairedLet’s face it: you can make a lot of money in tech. According to Salary.com, web designers earn about $73,000 annually. Web developers, on the other hand, have a fatter take-home pay at more than $84,000.

But, not everyone can work in the IT field. Perhaps you don’t know anything about designing or coding. Don’t worry. There’s another route you can take — set up a computer repair business. It’s lucrative because of the following reasons:

Opportunities are abundant.

When you buy a computer repair franchise, you do more than tinker with defective PCs and Macs. You can be a trade-in center. You can also cater to pre-owned devices. Many of them still have an excellent value in the market. You may even sell upgrades and accessories.

Computers (and computing) will never die.

Based on a survey by Gartner, smartphone sales and use will increase 2 percent in 2018, but so will demand for PCs. Contrary to popular belief, desktops are not dead. In fact, the survey illustrated how users have learned to compartmentalize their uses — that is, mobile phones for tasks on the go and PCs for more comprehensive tasks.

There will be more Apple users.

While there’s no doubt Microsoft shaped the tech world, Apple remains to be a powerful influence as well. If you’re into Mac and other devices, then you’ll be happy to hear its demand will continue to grow in the following years.

In one quarter last year, the company earned $10.7 billion, making its earnings growth faster than the growth of sales. And while not all its products are money makers, experts believe its essential ones will continue to do well.

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By having multiple streams of income, you can capture a bigger market, broaden your services, and help more people.

With diligence, right support from vendors and partners, and passion for what you do, you can certainly make a computer repair business your gateway to the ultimate financial freedom.