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Welding Fumes and its Effects on the Brain

Anything toxic is dangerous to your health. You try to avoid these substances, but when you’re a
On-Site Refuelling in New Zealand

Diesel for Delivery: Why On-site Refuelling Makes a Practical Choice

People living in New Zealand’s cities and suburbs, and who drive light vehicles can easily get their
Singapore City

Top 4 Cities in Asia with the Best Metro Systems

The metro system is a key factor in urban accessibility, as well as local economic growth. Thus,

Suzuki: Style, Performance, Economy

The 9th biggest vehicle maker by production in the world (as of 2011) is also known for

Safe Towing: 4 Rules to Live By

Towing something behind your vehicle involves more than just simply attaching it and dragging it wherever you
Scissor Lift

Proper Training for Safe Scissor Lift Operations

You might think a scissor lift is an easy equipment to operate. Nevertheless, operating one is no

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Welding Fumes and its Effects on the Brain

Anything toxic is dangerous to your health. You try to avoid these substances, but when you’re a welder, it’s not exactly easy. People with occupations that involve regular exposure to gasses and smoke are at risk for multiple organ damage, especially

Five Reasons Your Car Smells Like Exhaust Fumes

Exhaust fumes are extremely dangerous and can injure anyone exposed to it. According to, exhaust fumes that come from a combustion process regulates different gases in your vehicle, which causes the smell. These fumes contain carbon monoxide that can destroy
Car Tyres in Perth

Aging Tyres: What Happens to Them

For so many years, motorists have depended on the tread depth of their tyres during condition assessment. Although effective, there are several other factors that contribute to the deterioration of tyres; time or age, being one of them. The truth remains,

3 Ways to Make More Money from Scrap Metal

There’s no denying that scrap metal is a huge industry worldwide. Ever since the Bronze Age, recycling has been a moneymaking trade, simply because even the early civilisation knew that the cost of re-melting existing metal products is less than smelting
Auto Electrical Services in Tauranga

Keeping Your Car’s Electrical System Optimally Functioning

For a vehicle to run and perform properly, it needs to have a fully-functional electrical system. Problems with electrical components can lead not only to serious repair expenses, but safety risks as well. Before you take your car out for a

Men vs. Women: Who is getting the Better Deal in Car Shopping?

Women are not known to be good car shoppers; they’re not supposed to know much about vehicles. But as it turns out, men are the ones who get the shorter end of the deal. A recent study suggests that men should
Car Body Repair in Perth

Preparing Your Car Before Selling It

Your car is worth a lot less today than when you bought it, no doubt. This is a universal truth that car buyers have to live with, especially those who spring for a brand new vehicle. Instead of running it on
Freightliner Truck

Basic Trucking Survival Pointers for Your First Long Trip

This will be your first long overnight drive. You’re excited and dreading it at the same time. There’s no need to worry, as there are proven ways to keep you awake and entertained during this long trucking trip. Keep the Tunes
Surviving Your Next Flight

Controlling Your Comfort: Surviving Your Next Flight

Sitting for hours on a flight can be excruciating. You are in an uncomfortable position to sleep and you are around strangers the whole time. It can be noisy and if you are unlucky, the turbulence can keep you awake. When you have

Saving Yourself from Rookie Mistakes: A First-Timer’s Guide to Buying a Car

So, you’re finally buying your first car! Don’t rejoice yet. At this point, you should be thinking about things such as where to buy, how much to spend, or if you can get a good financing option. Buying your first car