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FHA, Utah DOT approve West Davis Corridor highway project

The proposed West Davis Corridor highway project in Utah inched closer to reality after the Federal Highway

From Active Duty to Franchise Owners: Business Opportunities Abound for Military Veterans

In the next few years, more than one million veterans, according to a CNBC report, will transition
Well-Groomed Lawn

Why It Makes Sense to Start a Commercial Lawn Care Business?

Eighty percent of contractors describe the landscaping market as “very healthy,” this according to The Landscape Management

RIBA Announces Short List of Designs For 2017 RIBA Stirling Prize

Six architectural projects compete to be named the best building in the UK for 2017, according to

What to Know When Hiring a Carbon Steel Pipe Supplier

Carbon steel pipes are being used in most of the residential and commercial projects today due to

Healthy Water Storage Tanks for the Food Processing Industry

Industrial water storage tanks are built for versatility and volume. This seems reasonable since most of the

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FHA, Utah DOT approve West Davis Corridor highway project

The proposed West Davis Corridor highway project in Utah inched closer to reality after the Federal Highway Administration (FHA) and the state department of transportation (DOT) approved the plan. West Davis Corridor will span for 19 miles from Legacy Parkway through

4 Top Tips to Ensure Your Water Is Safe

You often hear people saying that you need to drink lots of water to keep your body well hydrated, but you probably do not hear about water safety concerns as often. That is because issues of water safety are not that common

Tow Truck Safety: Using the Right Light Bar for Towing

It is impossible to tell when the worst scenarios, such as car accidents, will happen. But thanks to the always-ready tow truck drivers, the vehicles do not remain on the road for an extended time. More often than not, tow truck

3 Marks of a Great Stainless Steel Bolts and Nuts Supplier

Bolts and nuts are the little giants of the construction industry. Without them, fastening various types of construction components in a secure, safe and industry-compliant way would be impossible. As part of an inseparable tandem, the nut always comes with a

Using Wastewater Systems That Suit You

Wastewater is the liquid waste from human activities that is considered unsafe and even hazardous. Not only is it potentially dangerous to humans, but it also adds to the environmental pollution. Some private and government agencies fund different projects that can

Effective Methods of Sewage Treatment

Liquid wastes are just as bad as non-biodegradable wastes. Improper treatment of liquid wastes is one of the biggest causes of water pollution. Aside from producing a foul smell, they also attract and become breeding grounds for insects such as mosquitoes

The Natural Soft Water Experience Brought by Rainwater

In the dry, arid areas of Australia, installing rainwater tanks has become essential in households. Homeowners have seen the benefits of harvesting rainwater in reducing water utility bills, as opposed to depending on restricted and limited tap water. But the advantages

The Mighty Industrial Compressor: Three Reasons to Partner with an Expert Supplier

Have you ever wondered how machines in modern industry are powered? Maybe you’ve considered how your apartment building‘s heating, ventilation and air condition system turn on and function simultaneously? Of course, the systems that allow these miracles to happen are complex, but there’s

4 Ways to Make Office Inventory More Efficient

Office supplies and properties cost money, so it is important that there should be an effective inventory. This way, the management knows that you use the resources of the company in an efficient manner. However, the process of doing inventory can

Farm Business Planning: How to Begin

Agriculture and business always come together. Agribusiness is the production of materials brought into the market for money-making sourced from farming, poultry, hog production, contract farming and many other divisions of agriculture. Starting this type of business venture entails deep research